Why Upgrades Are Necessary

During our years of operation, we’ve helped clients upgrade their equipment, systems, and technology for any number of reasons. Some of these include changing environmental regulations, new materials and designs that offer better performance or longer lifespans, changes to a plant’s operating profile, relocation, changes to the fuel supply, and much more. At RASEP, we work with turbomachinery owners and operators to identify the need for upgrades, and then locate the ideal solution to achieve your most important goals.

What We Can Upgrade

We’re proud of the expertise embodied in our experienced team of technicians and their ability to upgrade almost any piece of equipment or machinery in your plant. From control systems to fuel and seal conversions, the installation of diagnostic equipment and sensors, inlet solutions, and more, we go the distance, ensuring that your plant has the right equipment and machinery for efficient operation.

The Solutions You Need

Today’s turbomachinery owners and operators require more than an average solution. They require specialized, strategically sourced equipment that supports mission-critical operations and helps them achieve organization-wide goals. From improved efficiency to dramatically better uptime, our team offers the upgrades and improvements your facility needs to remain competitive.