Sustainable Energy Services

Electricity – without it, the modern world crumbles. You cannot crank a car engine or process a credit card, visit a website, or listen to the radio. However, the demand for electricity continues to expand at an exponential rate that will soon outstrip the ability to meet it through conventional energy generation methods.

At RASEP, we understand the need to meet the growing demand for clean, reliable electricity. At the same time, we are committed to protecting our natural resources, reducing the human impact on the environment and planet-wide ecosystems, and more. Our sustainable energy services were built to ensure a constant supply of clean, reliable energy for homes, businesses, and government offices throughout Iraq.

RASEP Sustainable Energy

Sustainable Energy Services

RASEP’s Sustainable energy focus is in the solar energy segment due to Iraq’s significant annual amount of sunshine. We have partnered with trusted companies around the world, including Siemens and numerous others, in order to create a turnkey solar solution that can be customized to any installation need and will supply a portion or the entirety of a facility’s energy needs.

In addition to providing clean, Sustainable energy derived from sunlight, our solar systems also add value to company portfolios, build trust with the public who demand action on climate change and environmental protection, and also support the global initiative of producing clean energy in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner.