RASEP’s goals include the following:

  • To be an accountable, reliable energy provider: We use cutting-edge technology and in-depth industry knowledge to inform our services, from facility design to ongoing management to decommissioning. We believe that accountability and reliability are two of the key reasons for our success, and underlie our ability to deliver positive outcomes to projects.
  • To adhere to the highest standard of quality possible: Whether it is expanding an existing power plants capabilities, as with the Amara power plant project, or decommissioning a client’s antiquated plant, sourcing new and pre-owned turbomachinery for a new plant in planning, or something else, we deliver the highest quality possible.
  • To empower the Iraqi people: We strive to employ local Iraqi talent whenever possible and provide empowering solutions to help bring needed skills to the nation, including training, workshops, seminars, and more.
  • To support stability and success: We believe it is our responsibility to ensure that Iraqi residents, businesses, and government offices benefit from a constant supply of clean, reliable energy and strive to ensure that we can uphold that responsibility at all times.
  • To find viable alternative sources of energy: From solar to wind and beyond, we focus on exploring alternative energy sources that limit our impact on the planet and protect natural resources.
RASEP our Goal