IPP – (Green Field) Maisan Combined Cycle Power Plant (MCCPP)

The MCCPP plant project is one of RASEP’s core initiatives, designed to help ensure a secure, bright future for Iraqis. The project includes innovative new solutions, including the use of the (2xSGT5-4000F) Siemens Gas Turbine (GT), which features one of the most robust designs in the industry, combined with fast startup capabilities, an advanced annular combustion chamber with individually replaceable heat shields, and hydraulic clearance optimization to reduce clearance losses and increase efficiency while minimizing degradation.
To enhance the plant by 50% from the power out (MW) we used to add (1XSST5-4000 I-L) Siemens Steam Turbines (ST) with no additional fuel consumption to convert the heat exhaust from the GT’s above to the Steam by using the HRSG (heat recovery Steam Generating) systems to operate the ST and produce more MW which is almost additional 50% from the total output of the GT’s without fuel consumption (free fuel consumption) and reduce the impact on the environment from the high temperature of GT’s exhaust. this is called Combined Cycle technology.


The system above of the three Maisan power plant turbines (2 GT’s+ 1 ST) each offers a power output of 329 MW at  a frequency of just 50 Hz. Its gross efficiency is 41% form the GT’s and the total efficiency of the system are above the 58%, at turbine speed of 3,000 rpm in. ISO conditions.

In addition, the MCCPP project allows us to achieve core goals, including the following:

  • The addition of 840 MW at Maisan, Iraq Site Conditions to Iraq’s national grid to handle burgeoning demand for reliable, clean energy.
  • A 17-year service contract to ensure that the plant and its turbines remain in good condition and operate reliably throughout our tenure.
  • Building national skills by supporting Iraqi technical talents via on-site training in power plant operations, maintenance, service, and design.
  • Delivering enough electricity to meet the needs of more than 3 million Iraqi homes and businesses.