Long Term Maintenance Program LTMP

No matter how well designed your project might be, there will come a time when it breaks down. The right maintenance and repair solutions are vital. At RASEP, we leverage industry-leading talent and technology to provide our clients with access to expert maintenance and repair services for everything from turbines to entire power plants, O&G pipelines and depots, and more.

RASEP Maintenance

The Need for Maintenance

Do you take a “wait and see” approach to facility and equipment maintenance? That’s a short route to disaster. All machinery eventually breaks down, no matter how well-engineered it might have been originally. Then, you must spend time and money to remedy the situation – that’s downtime you cannot afford. In addition, poorly maintained machinery and equipment actually cost you money and tarnish your reputation in a wide range of ways, including:

  • Reduced efficiency
  • Increased fuel consumption
  • Decreased reliability
  • Decreased trust from customers due to outages
  • Damaged brand/reputation due to outages and downtimes

The Solution

At RASEP, we offer a solution to the challenges you face. Our maintenance and repair services are ideally suited for installations and facilities of all sizes in every segment of the wider energy industry. Our team is second to none and capable of providing JIT (just in time) maintenance, predictive maintenance, and more, all to help minimize downtime, increase operability and reliability, build a stronger brand, and deliver the best possible ROI.