Gas Turbines Service Center

At RASEP, our goal is to ensure not just Power Generation and O&G success but to support those over the long term. To ensure that is possible, we commit to delivering maintenance solutions to one of the most critical components in the energy generation industry – turbines.

Our gas turbines service center is located in Aiwireej and was designed from the ground up to help accomplish key goals, including the following:

RASEP Turbine
  • Create and deliver a solution that enables us to maintain and service power plant turbines on Iraqi soil.
  • Move Iraq into a position of prominence as just the fourth Arab nation in the world to create a dedicated gas turbines service center.
  • Compete with other turbine maintenance workshops in other nations/regions.
  • To reduce the cost of turbine maintenance and repairs for Iraqi energy generation companies in comparison to transferring turbines to other countries for maintenance and support.

Our gas turbines service center supports not just the national energy generation industry, but also the nation as a whole. We remain dedicated to ensuring success for both government-led initiatives and privately-held firms throughout Iraq, as well as supporting the general population with access to clean, reliable electricity. With access to reliable power, and with energy generation companies able to more cost-effectively repair, service, and maintain power plant turbines, national growth in all economic sectors is improved

We invite you to contact us today and learn more about our power plant gas turbines service center, including our service capabilities and rates.