Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC)

RASEP delivers critical solutions for power plant design, construction, and completion. Our Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) team is comprised of industry experts with decades of experience, all of whom are committed to delivering each project on time, on budget, and ready for service.

About Our EPC Service

Our EPC team is the core of everything we do, and the key to our success in the energy industry, including IPP and O&G. Our EPC team ensures the completion of each power plant from concept to commissioning, including its operation and maintenance, for the entire lifespan of the plant.

RASEP Construction

A Commitment That Stands the Test of Time

In many instances, the team charged with designing the power plant is not responsible for construction. Yet another team is responsible for handling daily operations and training staff, and yet another team provides ongoing maintenance.

With RASEP, that situation is a thing of the past. Our forward-thinking teams ensure consistency in staffing and talent for each power plant. Our EPC team designs and constructs the power plant, but also provides daily operation management and even maintenance, services, repairs, and upgrades, delivering a completely turn-key solution for our clients.

The Ultimate Goal

Ultimately, our EPC team’s goal is to deliver peace of mind to our clients and clean, reliable energy to Iraqi residences, businesses, and government offices. Our Engineering Procurement Construction solution embodies industry-best talent, backed by the financial and mechanical resources necessary in today’s world.

Ready to learn more about how our team ensures reliable power plant operation and ongoing functionality from design/concept through end of life? Contact us today for more information.