Emulsified Fuel Technology (EFT)


Water-in-Oil Emulsion

Power stations face mounting environmental concerns and technical problems due to the increased use of low-quality fuel Oil with high sulfur, asphaltene, and vanadium content. Incomplete combustion and contaminants, including vanadium and sulfur, cause deposits to form and accelerate corrosion in all parts of the boiler, as well as excessive emissions of particulates and sulfur trioxide.

Our Water-in-Oil emulsion is designed to increase net efficiency, reduce solid emissions, and reduce NOx emissions, thereby reducing the environmental impact and improving combustion efficiency of the fuel burned.

Additive for Combustion Optimization

Our combustion optimization procedure is ideally suited for improving power plant ecoefficiency. Our additive process reduces SO3 and the bluish color it creates in the plume, while simultaneously increasing boiler efficiency by reducing exit gas temperature.

Our additive combustion optimization solution saves fuel Oil and removes the plume from your chimney, reduces exist gas temperatures, ensures heat transfer components are clean and protected, and can be adapted to your specific requirements.

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