Everything comes to an end. Even the most state-of-the-art power plant will eventually need to be phased out and replaced by something newer and better. However, the decommissioning process requires in-depth knowledge, experience, and expertise. RASEP’s team offers the benefits you need.

Decommissioning a Power Plant

While many non-energy industry facilities can simply be left as they are or even repurposed when their use life is over, that is not usually the case with power plants. Decommissioning is the process of ensuring that anything reclaimable or reusable within the plant is handled – from operational machinery that could be sold, to materials that can be reclaimed and recycled.

Our team offers an end-to-end decommissioning solution that helps take the burden off your shoulders. It’s an ideal way to ensure that you’re able to see the best possible ROI on your plant equipment, and our procurement and construction services help connect you with buyers who need your used equipment and materials.

We can also offer access to long-term on-site and offsite storage solutions if necessary, as well as marketing services to help sell equipment and machinery. We use digital and analog technologies to reach others in the energy industry.


Perhaps your plant does not need full decommissioning – we can offer relocation services to ensure that everything is disassembled safely, and then reassembled properly in your new location. No matter the reason for the power plant relocation, our team can help. We can also provide you with upgrades, repairs, and replacements for aging or damaged equipment during the relocation process.