Wouldn’t it be nice if that investment in technology or equipment came with some sort of guarantee? All too often, mission-critical assets can leave you in the lurch, but RASEP has a solution to that challenge. Our asset solutions service provides you with peace of mind, while also ensuring maximum uptime, improved reliability, reduced emissions and fuel consumption, and meeting other key goals.


Asset Solutions

RASEP understands how critical it is for energy-sector companies to have access to reliable solutions that fit their needs and help them achieve organization-wide goals. We offer warrantied equipment, overhauled equipment, upgraded equipment, refurbished generators, new gas turbines, and more to propel your success, foster financial savings, and ensure peace of mind.


How RASEP Supports Your Success

At RASEP, the key differentiator is our team of experts and our relationships with recognized industry leaders around the world. Our technicians leverage those relationships to source the highest-quality rotating equipment for use in the energy industry, whether the project involves electricity generation or deals with O&G in some way. We are able to source new, used, refurbished, and gray market equipment and generators.

Our Goal

Providing Highest Technology with  best reliability system, minimize the capital costs by optimizing the maintenance-outages and apply one of the best contractual penalties system managed by experts, fastest project completion date, ensuring longest period of operation machinery/equipment, and improving efficiency and environments. We are also there when you need us – catastrophic failure solutions provide you with the means to get back on track as quickly as possible.