IPP – (Brown Field) Amara Power Plant Expansion

RASEP designed and currently working to add more power generation of 250MW from two Siemens steam turbines of (2 x SST-600) to the existing simple cycle of four gas turbines frame FA9001 E-class model, version (4 x 9E.03). The Amara power plant allows RESAP to expand the available access to clean, reliable electricity and support infrastructure development for many more Iraqis. Our commitment to building a stronger nation begins by improving and expanding our existing power generation capabilities, and this project is a yardstick by which the success of others can be measured. 

With the Amara power plant expansion, RASEP is able to achieve key goals and objectives, including the following:

RASEP amara
  • Increased Power Generation Capacity – With the expansion by RASEP, the Amara power plant will be able to produce an additional 250 MW for supply to the national grid. That helps ensure that Iraqi homes and businesses enjoy access to stable, reliable, clean energy for daily needs.
  • Reliable Service and Maintenance for Years to Come – The service contract RASEP signed extends for 15 years, during which time our expert team will provide innovative solutions for maintenance, repairs, service, and upgrades, helping to maximize power production, efficiency, and longevity.
  • Social Value – We focus on training and upskilling Iraqis, helping to build the national technical talent pool, support the national economy, and help Iraq take her place on the world stage.
  • Critical Impact – Our expansion of the Amara power plant will help ensure electricity is available for residences and businesses, improving infrastructure conditions and fostering stability and prosperity.