Raban Al-Safina for Energy Projects, or RASEP, is an energy industry leader in Iraq and the Middle East. We are an independent power producer and a managed energy services company, providing clean, reliable energy for Iraqi homes and businesses, as well as expert services and solutions for our energy-industry clients.

RASEP is part of the Raban Al Safina Group and was incorporated in 2015. We offer in-depth expertise in IPP projects, O&G, and energy project services in Iraq, the Middle East, and around the world.


Services and Solutions

RASEP delivers cutting-edge solutions to pressing challenges within the energy industry. As an independent power producer, we help supply Iraqi homes and businesses with clean, reliable electricity. We also help promote training and technical know-how within the Iraqi workforce by providing training and employment opportunities.

We also work with clients within the wider energy industry to deliver end-to-end service, as well as individual services, ranging from:

  • Procurement and construction to management and maintenance.
  • Repairs.
  • Power plant decommissioning.

Our team of industry experts is capable of handling any client need, from sourcing new, used, or refurbished turbo-machinery to custom designing facilities.

Finally, we also serve clients throughout the O&G industry. Our expertise in this segment is broad, and we are at the leading edge of design and manufacturing when it comes to O&G pipelines and depots.